Enter the 8 digit order number from your order book
Click on your store name to view your store details and order ranges
Enter or select the tag design, colour and size
Select engraving options
The Unicode font supports additional characters
Enter the details to be engraved
Red Dingo will check and adjust your tag layout if needed
If preferred you can visually layout the size and position of engraving on all of your orders by asking customer service to disable checking
Enter the customer information
We use this to find orders and contact the customer if there are any issues
Language helps customer service localise any messages to the customer including email status updates
Email status updates are sent when orders are created, updated and ready to ship
Reference is your internal order number
Click Same as Above to copy the customer information or Send to Store to use your details
Please double check the formatted address to ensure prompt delivery
Enter any message from the customer
If the order is incomplete you can save as a draft
Drafts are not processed by Red Dingo
When you are 100% satisfied that everying is correct click Submit to queue your order for processing