Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't I see any buttons to submit a new order?

Open in a new browser tab or window.

If opened from a popped out chat window the order form buttons may be wrapped and hidden.

Some malware extensions like the ASK toolbar may also hide the order form buttons.

What web browsers can I use?

At this time we only support Google Chrome on OS X, Linux and Windows.

Flash is no longer required.

Can I change my password?

Yes using settings > security > password (minimum length 8).

Red Dingo does not know your password (unless you tell us).

Can I layout my own tags?

Yes you can visually layout the size and position of engraving on all of your own orders if preferred by asking customer service to disable checking.

Unchecked orders will be submitted directly to engraving and processed faster.

All layouts will be checked by Red Dingo until you specifically request checking to be disabled.

Can my customers receive email status updates for their orders?

Yes if you provide an email address we will email status updates when orders are created, updated and ready to ship.

We will be adding store email status updates in a future release.

Can I update orders?

Yes you can update new orders at any time prior to engraving.

If your order has already been checked then you will need to adjust the tag layout for any changes you make as your order will not be checked again.

Can I search for partial order numbers and order details?

Yes using advanced search you can search for begins with, contains and ends with.

Can I view the changes made to an order?

Yes you can open history to see your changes and any updates by Red Dingo.

Can I add notes to the history?

Yes you can post your own notes in the history.

Notes are visible to Red Dingo but not customers.

Can I engrave in other languages or with special symbols?

Yes by changing to the unicode font.

The unicode font is wider and covers many languages but not all symbols can be engraved as we trace shapes into centre lines.

We have basic support for right to left alphabets like Hebrew but do not currently support right to left script like Arabic.

Our engrave font is a similar to Myriad Light Semi Condensed and our unicode font is similar to Arial Unicode Regular.

Can I reference multiple orders from the same customer?

Yes by using the reference field and ensuring the mailing addresses match.

Copy / Paste has an option to paste only the customer information and mailing address.

Can my web store or internal system submit orders electronically?

Yes by using our Stores API.

Technical information for your web developer is available here:

Do you have a list of all tags with images and EAN-13 codes?

Yes you can download a CSV file for all tags here:

Included in the feed are scaled PNG32 alpha transparent 1500px x 1500px images which need to be optimised to PNG8 for your website pages.


Saved orders that will not be checked or processed by Red Dingo
My Recent Orders
Orders recently edited
Waiting to be Checked
Orders waiting to be checked by Red Dingo
Waiting to be Engraved
Orders waiting to be processed by Red Dingo
Out of Stock
Orders for stockouts that will be automatically processed when new stock is available
Orders processed by Red Dingo
Rejected to Shop
Orders that cannot be processed by Red Dingo eg too much info for tag
Orders cancelled
Orders that cannot be delivered by Red Dingo
Orders blocked due to account issues that will be automatically processed when unblocked by Red Dingo

Customer Information

We use customer information to identify orders and personalise messages to the customer.

See below for additional information.

Country / Language
Used to localise any messages to the customer in email status updates
First Name
Used in email status updates as Hi First Name
Pet Name
Used in the first line of the formatted mailing address printed on envelopes
Checkbox enables and disable email status updates
Use to identify a group of related orders. eg web store order number

Advanced search can be used to search customer information.

Mailing Address

We print the formatted address on envelopes including the pet name if provided.

The mailing address excluding pet name is also used to group related orders to the same receiver.

Office Use

History and notes are only visible to Red Dingo and stores.

Special instructions to engraver

Please use only for special engraving requests so that engravers are not distracted by unnecessary information.

Customer message

Message from the customer and will be visible to customers in a future release